Author: Max Benz

Types of Content

15 Types of Helpful Content Every Marketer Should Be Producing

With the rise of digital media, people are finding, consuming, and sharing more content than ever. Many of them are looking for content to help them get ahead in life. Whether it’s achieving their professional goals, improving their personal relationships,...


Learn How This Studio Helped Rimowa Revolutionize Travel

Hamburg is one of the most well-known cities in Germany. The city’s flair seems to magically attract young, talented, and also creative people from near and far. If you are looking for experts in video production, there’s one address to...

Rescuetime Alternatives

10 RescueTime Alternatives You Should Be Aware of

There’s no doubt about it: RescueTime captured our hearts. We are in love with its set of features, though some people have difficulties adjusting to Focus Time sessions, and others find its premium version rather costly, and want extra features...

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