Buyer Persona Template

Effective Buyer Persona Template

Buyer personas or marketing personas are a great way to tailor your marketing efforts to the needs of your target group. A buyer persona tempalte can help you to create optimal buyer personas.

In this article we at Filestage are going to introduce our free buyer persona template, which has by the way also been featured on a blog post by Optinmonster. If you are interested in more background information please read our in-depth article on buyer personas.

Practical Buyer Persona Template – Free Download

Feel free to download our free buyer persona powerpoint template right here. It is a lean, straightforward and free buyer persona powerpoint template. The template works as a common thread and prevents you from being too long-winded and unspecific. Please feel free to use and adapt our free practical powerpoint template to create effective buyer personas.

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Why you need a buyer persona template

There are plenty of benefits that can come from great buyer personas. First you, and your organization, are totally clear about what your buyer needs, wants and desires. This helps to make more informed decisions.

Second your buyer personas will help you to tailor your marketing messages to your target buyer. With a thorough buyer persona, your communication strategy is sure to be more effective. Great buyer personas help you to increase your overall marketing ROI.

What belongs into an effective buyer persona?

A powerful buyer persona should cover the following points:

Name and Photo

What does your typical buyer look like? What’s his or her name?

Background Information

Find archetype information that shapes your fictional character like age, sex, location, income, education, job and family situation.


Formulate one statement that summarizes the values, goals and challenges of your buyer persona or marketing persona.


What does your buyer want to achieve buy buying a product or service?

Challenges, Fears, Problems

Think about the different challenges, fears, and problems your character (customer) might be facing.


What are the beliefs, perceptions and attitudes of your character?

Buying Decisions

How does your buyer generally buy? What does your buyer generally respond to?


How can you solve the problems of your clients? Formulate a clear solution.

Know your persona!
Know your persona!

How do you collect information to create effective buyer personas?

Collecting information from your buyer is one of the most important aspects of building your buyer persona. To create insightful buyer personas we go with these three methods of collecting information:

Survey – A survey is a great method of accessing your buyer. By directly asking your buyer questions you can guarantee direct responses to help build your buyer persona.

Interview – An in person interview with a professional can be a good way to not only gain valuable feedback about your buyer persona, but also spread the word about your product and venture.

Social Media – In an increasingly digital age social media is becoming a great source when creating a marketing persona. You can easily analyze your target group through social media. How do they behave? What are they interested in? What’s currently trending belong your buyers?


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