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Useful Mood Board Template

Some time ago we at Filestage published the article: How to Make a Brilliant Mood Board. Now we created a template that helps you to make brilliant mood boards. A mood board gives your idea a visual foundation. It describes your vision and your feelings. It’s also a perfect starting point for something great.

Download Mood Board Template

Who should use this mood board template?

  • The film and video business, to envision film sets.
  • Marketing and advertising, to visually define advertising campaigns.
  • Graphic design, to show your stylistic direction and idea of the final product.
  • Web design, to concretize and visualize your drafts.
  • Photography, to create mashups.

You finished your moodboard? Your next step might be to create a storyboard. In this case you should check this guide: How to Write a Storyboard

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